SEAC unwraps 2022 business plan setting target to upskill one million Thais

Jan 24, 2022

• Underlining its vision of Empower Lives Through Learning as seen through its past success stories and creating real impacts both on the social and national scale, with its target to upskill one million Thais within three years • Heading full speed towards reskilling four groups of new-age human resources and four types of the organizational workforce by equipping them with essential skills and international-level curriculum to create transformation and successful outcomes amid changes and disruption in the modern world Bangkok – The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in tremendous changes both on the individual and organizational scale. However, Thailand’s economy starts to get back on track and is projected to expand 3.9% in 2022, thanks to the spending of people in the country as well as technological and innovative investments to restore the country’s businesses. To enable Thai people and organizations to move forward, SEAC continues to help improve the quality of life and to create opportunities for Thais in various sectors through learning. The new challenge is even more challenging but Empower Lives Through Learning is the answer. Ms. Arinya Talerngsri, Chief Capability Officer & Managing Director of SEAC, said “One of SEAC’s tough challenges in the past year was the fact that the center got to become one of the organizations that encouraged and supported the development of people and organizations - ranging from those in primary level to large-sized leading enterprises - so that they could encounter and go through the crisis. We created and searched for curriculum, tools, and innovations that were proven to be able to create successful outcomes. We also incorporated learning and new technology into an approach called Truly-EdTech to bring about positive changes in various dimensions. With that said, we face-lifted private and public organizations by using over 200 curricula that empowered the potential of leaders and human resources while also upskilled and reskilled teaching skills for over 1,000 teachers and lecturers. We also created opportunities and improved the quality of life of over 30 students with disabilities through the Social Innovation Foundation and initiated a pilot project to boost the potential of over 50 state officers in Saraburi province through the Hi-Pro Saraburi 4.0 project. SEAC Press Conference 3.jpg SEAC has also created a learning curriculum that keeps up with the world so that Thai people can catch up with the changes. SEAC is also the only organization in Thailand that has exclusively acquired and implemented copyrighted curriculum from leading partner international institutes including the Outward Mindset curriculum from The Arbinger Institute and Leadership Development curriculum from The Ken Blanchard Companies. YourNextU by SEAC now sees over 40,000 members while more than 615 participating organizations are engaging in self-and business transformation for the future world through E3s Leader Series – Engage Empower Execute curriculum, Agile Leader curriculum as well as other curricula to improve Hard Skills and Soft Skills necessary for the career world both at present and in the future.” Declaring war against a misbelief that “Learning is a Bore”. With over 30 years of experience where SEAC studies and follows up the learning behaviors of all Thais, we understand the five contexts which are considered perfect ingredients for Thai people in this era. The five contexts include 1) Global Content from leading international institutes packed with high quality and applicability, 2) Design where the right curriculum and experiences are designed to perfectly fit leaders and corporate enterprises in Thailand’s context, 3) Technology that enables learners to participate and enjoy the curriculum, 4) Experienced Trainers with expertise and who can express the knowledge with lots of energy, and 5) Learning Community where people from all walks of life come to know each other and learn together as a group. In 2022, SEAC is determined to continue its vision of Empower Lives Through Learning by focusing more on people regardless of age, level, and career than previous years. WHO & WHY: Four groups of new-age human resources that urgently require “Reskill-Upskill” to keep up with the changes. SEAC Press Conference 13.jpg Ms. Nipatra Tangpojthavepol, YourNextU Product Director of SEAC, said “Today the business approach and essential business skills have seen a lot of changes. Business know-how that was used in the past might no longer work. SEAC realizes such a loophole and the challenges in the development of new skills in various groups of people who are all key for the country’s competitiveness, they are students looking for the right path, officers wishing for career advancement amid swift business changes, and business owners. They all want a brighter future. Therefore, to keep up with the changes, new-age human resources need to learn and equip themselves with new knowledge shields to get themselves ready for the business world that is full of changes.” Young Generation Students – Offering them essential life skills that are not taught in school so that they have fundamental skills and mindset ready to face the future that is full of challenges. • New Generation Workforce – Incorporating new essential skills to further create opportunities and bring about High Performance. When this new-generation workforce enters the labor market, they will drive businesses towards becoming High-Performance Organizations through new ideas and working approaches. • Career Transitioning Employees – For people looking for career advancement or career stability, SEAC has collaborated with international alliances including SimpliLearn to design a curriculum that perfectly matches the current career world. • Entrepreneurs & SMEs – The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has brought about a lot of damages for SME businesses. SEAC wishes to guide them through the catastrophe by offering curriculum and community for SME business operators to learn from each other’s experiences, working concepts, and business management as well as human resource management techniques that bring about business growth. This know-how is perfectly digested to fit Thailand’s context. WHO & WHY: Four groups of people in organizations that urgently require transformation to reach corporate success. Mr. Boonchai Pongrungsap, Custom Solutions Product Director of SEAC, said “From now, not only do businesses have to face organizational transformation but also the transformation in terms of mindset, skills and working approach among people in all levels to bring about happiness and create better efficiency to achieve corporate success. The Talent– Normally talents only account for around 10-15% of all human resources in an organization. These talents drive the majority of business outcomes. If businesses accelerate their ability to produce more talents, it will enable them to adjust to the change and drive them to the international level. • The Changemaker – From the collaboration with leading international alliances such as J2N Global, skills proven to be able to make the real business transformation to people’s mindset, this is the beginning of all changes. Business transformation requires a changemaker. Businesses with more innovations, therefore, require swift transformation that goes in line with the trends. • The Leaders at all levels – Leaders in all levels of organizations need to be equipped with improvement skills so that they have the right leadership. With over 30 years of experience and a certified curriculum, SEAC is Thailand’s first and only organization to have partnered with leading international institutes such as The Ken Blanchard Companies to bring about ultimate efficiency and encourage the Do Less Get More approach. • The Executives – SEAC wants to lend a helping hand to business executives and Thailand’s economy to move forward on a macro level. SEAC has therefore chosen a well-designed curriculum from leading international institutes such as Michigan's Ross School of Business, Stanford Center for Professional Development, and IMD. “Under the Empower Lives Through Learning vision, SEAC is committed to creating ‘opportunities’ and improving the quality of life of more than one million Thais within three years so that they can choose to live better and move forward to their bright and perfect future regardless of circumstances,” Mrs. Arinya concluded.