YourNextU School of Life x 3 new gen artists under the “Ruk Na Tua Eng” campaign

Dec 08, 2022

ภาพบรรยากาศ (1).JPG Boonyanuch Boonbumrungsub, Managing Director of YourNextU by SEAC said that “I found that most Thai people today still place very little importance on education or self-development, and view them as "boring" and put them among the last items in the list of what they wish to invest for themselves. That’s the reason why YourNextU School of Life is determined to move forward to motivate Thai people across all sectors to create a ripple effect within the Thai society on raising the awareness of the value and importance of self-development and life-long learning, as if they were the 5th basic factor of life. Especially, we believe that the development of life skills or soft skills can help make a positive impact on self-development at work as well as in daily life. According to a survey conducted by Wonderlic among over 750 employees in the US, 97% of respondents agreed that soft skills positively affect their working performance. Similarly, research conducted by Stanford Research Center, Harvard University and the Carnegie Foundation has all concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft skills and people skills. These findings affirm the importance of soft skills which play a more and more critical role in people's lives. Therefore, one of YourNextU’s key missions is to motivate Thai people change their perspective and value learning and self-improvement as another essential part of lives and are good things that can be passed on and given as a gift to yourself and others to express gratitude. That's the reason why we launch an inspiring campaign with the title “Rak Na Tua Eng”.” ชญาน์ทัต วงศ์มณี Head of Storytelling, YourNextU by SEAC.JPG Chayatat Vongmanee, Head of Storytelling, YourNextU by SEAC explains the concept behind the “Rak Na Tua Eng” campaign: “Quite a few people are getting lost trying to overcome the challenges that are circling around them today. Having to deal with the stress and problems of the rapidly changing world that is spinning so fast, adaptability becomes an overwhelming struggle. People are forced to contemplate too much about their surrounding troubles. They don’t either take care of others too much or focus on their own issues and forget to care for those around them. A lack of life balance causes burnout in living. Given these facts, we see that developing life skills or soft skills will help people manage their difficulties around them, as well as maintain life balance through empathizing for themselves and those around them. The "Ruk Na Tua Eng" campaign will then help to convey the essential meaning of improving life skills in the context of gift-giving by giving life skills to show love and gratitude to one another. By the origin of the campaign name "Ruk Na Tua Eng" convey the word "self" to have the meaning that includes yourself, your loved ones, and, in a larger context, as organizations toward their employees as well. It is communicated through the campaign statement as follows: "There is one person who wants to be told you love them… That person is someone who has always been by your side. But in the past, you probably did not have time to let them know That person "who works with you." That person "who loves you." That person is "yourself." This New Year give you "precious time" as a meaningful gift. You have already given love to work, so give love to those who you work with as well Already given love to yourself, so give love to others as well Already loved others, so give love to yourself as well #RukNaTuaEng In addition to the background, the name and concept of the campaign which have profound meaning in a way that reflects the clear objective of YourNextU in life skill development, another special aspect of this campaign is its strategic communications to convey ideas to the target audiences. Through the collaboration with 3 storytellers of the era who will add colorful sensation through storytelling to deliver the meaning of "self-love" in different ways through different forms of art according to each artist's style, as follows: SOMMARKZ (สมม้าค).JPG SOMMARKZ, a calligrapher who delivers compelling quotes and is known through his performance art holding his calligraphy quote signs. He joins the campaign to inspire people to appreciate "self-love" through the art of calligraphy that reflects the emotions taken from his live talk to people and co-designs the campaign logo. Tum Ulit (ตั้ม–ณฐกร อุลิตร).JPG Tum Ulit or Tam–Natakorn Ulit, the owner of a Facebook page with over 1.2 million likes is an internationally renowned artist famed for his cute cartoon illustrations that convey deep meaning even without accompanying dialogue. He joins the "Ruk Na Tua Eng" campaign by drawing comics exclusively for the campaign and posting pictures of the comics on his social platforms. กตัญญู สว่างศรี.JPG Katanyu Sawangsri, a stand-up comedian, picks up on issues in a society that's both sad and tense, twisting and molding them into satirical comedy of ‘dark joke’ for hilarious laughter of the audiences. To celebrate the campaign, YourNextU launched 3 sets of learning package as new year gift for all Thai people:
Love Yourself - for individual customer to buy for oneself - Buy Full Access learning package for 6 months, get 6 months for free at a special price of only 9,000 baht, from normal price of 12,000 baht (promotion period: today – 31 December 2022)
Love Those Who You Love - for individual customer to buy for other people - Buy Full Access learning package for 6 months, get 6 months for free at a special price of only 9,000 baht, from normal price of 12,000 baht (promotion period: today – 31 December 2022) Love The People Who Work for You - for corporate customer to buy for its employees - Buy Virtual package (via Zoom) or Full Access package for 100 users or more, receive free Psytech Personality Assessment and Report for all participating employees, plus one copy of Psytech Team Analysis Report assessing weaknesses, strengths and overview of organization. Or buy Virtual package (via Zoom) or Full Access package for 50 users or more, receive free Psytech Personality Assessment and Report for all participating employees (promotion period: today – 31 January 2023) For more information: visit Facebook: YournextU or Last but not least, YoutNextU announced the new companion to join on the journey toward endless learning with YourNextU School of Life – Kru Loukgolf Kanatip Soonthornrak, the owner of a language academy and famous DJ, to participate in developing learning content in various formats to capture new target groups, especially Gen Z, co-creating a community as well as providing insightful information beneficial to the development of special courses tailored to suit the target groups. “We hope that the “Rak Na Tua Eng” campaign will redefine the way people buy gift for themselves or for those around them on special occasions by including the giving of knowledge and self-development skills into their wish list, leading to new social perspective that will drive the notion of endless learning to expand and become a wider community of passionate learners, which is one of YourNextU's most important goals,” concluded Boonyanuch.