SEAC hosts world-class workshop program for women under the "IWA by SEAC" project,

Nov 04, 2022

_05A5913.jpg SEAC, a leader in people and organization development with an emphasis on kindling a passion for lifelong learning, is presenting a special workshop for women as part of the “Iconic Women Alliance (IWA) by SEAC” project. Designed to empower its female participants and provide them with networking opportunities, the program will be focused on strengthening women in four key aspects of life, including work life, family life, personal life and social life. This workshop program offers a free learning experience for a total of 40 women between the ages of 30 and 50 who are already SEAC or YourNextU by SEAC clients. Throughout the course of the program, the participants will have the chance to enhance their skills, self-assurance and prospects for success while harnessing the life they want and making impacts on their family, workplace and society. This program includes SEAC’s unique learning mechanism, which emphasizes the integration of different learning experiences, from workshops from internationally renowned institutions; experience and idea sharing sessions among the participants in a form of community; and inspirational knowledge-sharing sessions by experts in various fields, such as Boonyanuch “Boom” Boonbumrungsub, Pavarisa “Whan Whan” Phenjati, Cris Horwang, Pilan “Shai” Sriweerakul of the page "Shaisure" as well as image and fashion consultant Ston “Peun” Tantraporn. The event will be co-hosted by Rika Dila, a role model for modern women who is successful in both her professional and personal lives. The series of workshops will be held over the course of four weeks, from November 4 to December 2, 2022. _05A5998.jpg Boonyanuch Boonbumrungsub, Managing Director of YourNextU by SEAC and Program Director of Iconic Women Alliance stated, “SEAC believes that women can succeed in any capacity, especially in today's world where women can overcome traditional social constraints and succeed in every role such as in the workplace, whether a corporate leader, or a homemaker as mother, wife and child. A chance to learn and develop life skills, attitudes, and potential in four important life aspects that are pertinent to the role of women today—work life, family life, personal life, and social life—is therefore a crucial driving force for the empowerment of women in this new generation.” “We are grateful for the enthusiastic response from our clients and the several experts who have joined us in creating this event together. We genuinely believe that this activity will serve as a fantastic springboard for empowered women to pursue lifelong learning while also exerting a beneficial influence on their loved ones, professional peers, and the larger community.” Boonyanuch added. The workshop activities will be divided into two sessions, with each week covering a different topic based on one of the four key life aspects. The first part will feature a sharing session by accomplished guest speakers in their fields, while the second will be collaborative workshops on different key courses from world-leading educational institutions. In addition to attending workshops from well-known self-care, personality and socialization experts, the activities will include ice-breaking, sharing experiences, and self-examination activity from Playmeo in Australia and Outward Mindset for Life from Arbinger Institute in the United States. Each week will end with a shared meal to foster bonds between the participants. To strengthen the ties between the participants, each week will conclude with a shared dinner. As a result, workshop participants can continue to stay in touch even after the program has ended by engaging in community activities that foster learning through facilitating experience-based learning among peers. _05A5417.jpg Rika Dila, Senior Consultant of Phillips Auction House and a co-host of the Iconic Women Alliance program, said, “I've learned from my work experiences and participation in a variety of female-led circles and organizations that, while being highly accomplished people, women confront ongoing challenges both professionally and domestically as the primary caregivers in their families. As a result, these women may lack personal time and space to discuss their thoughts with others who share their perspectives and experience. This Iconic Women Alliance by SEAC's activity model, which focuses on empowering women based on insights and perspectives of women together with fostering vital soft skills and the proper attitudes, as well as experience sharing across the group, would be the answer for the demands of modern women. Every participant in this program will be strongly encouraged to transform themselves into successful, content women who live the lives they want. I am thrilled to be a part of this female empowerment journey and am confident that with the help of SEAC's courses and the knowledge of all the resourceful speakers, this experience will serve as the ideal foundation for a strong, lifelong community of women.” The workshop activities will take place at the SEAC office, FYI Center Building, for a total of four days from November 4 to December 2, 2022. For more information about Iconic Women Alliance (IWA), please visit Facebook: Iconic Women Alliance