Innovation Management Research Center (IMRC)

Innovation Management Research Center (IMRC)

“There is no successful enterprise, but the enterprises of the times.” –

Mr. Zhang Ruimin, Haier Group’s CEO


The world is shifting rapidly and although organizations are investing in new technology to create innovations, it is not for companies to thrive.

Organizations need business model transformation.
Organizations need business model transformation.
Most organizations are not constructed to be transformational and it is a major challenge for many leaders.Therefore, Haier Group created the IMRC’s program based on the Rendanheyi model that has been proven as a key management model for the IoT era. These programs will help business leaders reinvent their organizations by building ecosystems of entrepreneurial micro-enterprises to achieve resiliency, growth, and innovation.
SEAC's goal is to co-create a learning ecosystem that promotes human-centric values and sustainable outcomes in organizations.

In pursuing the goal, the Innovation Management Research Center (IMRC) is established through collaboration with the Haier Model Research Institute (HMI) to deliver services such as training, facilitation, and consulting to organizations in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

IMRC Who we are
IMRC Who we are


We help enterprise leaders recognize opportunities for transformation and entrepreneurial growth through organizational ecosystems by applying successfully proven Rendanheyi principles to people development and business models.

Training, Workshop and Consulting services n organizational transformation and innovation management using Rendanheyi principles and ISO 56002 Innovation Management Guidelines
Work with Haier Model Research Institute and global management and innovation experts in the Haier ecosystem to co-develop the programs and deliver solutions for effective management transformation


IMRC problem we solve
IMRC problem we solve

How IMRC can help Rendanheyi Management Innovation Lab

Complimentary Services


Monthly Webinars

Monthly webinars focusing on management innovation with speakers who are experts in organizational design and transformation, and the leaders in HMI network


90-min Lunch & Learn

Monthly webinars focusing on management innovation with speakers who are experts in organizational design and transformation, and the leaders in HMI network

Upcoming Additional Learning Options


RDHY Transformation Design and Execution

Practical approaches on how to design and execute organizational transformation with RDHY model


RDHY Microenterprise Autonomous Teams

Create and manage Microenterprise self-organizing teams using the RDHY model


Professional Innovation Manager ISO 56002 Individual Certification Preparation

Preparation course to gain ISO 56002 “Professional Innovation Manager” Cert. contextualized for Thailand


Innovation Management Capabilities Assessment ISO 56002 with the Haier Benchmark

Assess organization’s innovation capabilities using ISO 56002 criteria with Haier’s capabilities as the benchmark

What success looks like?

Improved innovation management competencies that are scalable to everyone
Ability to monitor & sense-make the signals, trends and shifts in a timely way
‘Zero-distance’ to users; know their pain-points and provide right experience solutions
Highly engaged talent within organizations; connecting work to purpose
Faster decision-making process to rapidly plan and response to external changes and remain competitive
Become an entrepreneurial, human-centric organization that draws global talents
Strategically realize “Ecosystem Business Models" that are starting to dominate the market and transform industries

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