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No matter where you are from or who you used to be, here at SEAC, you can be yourself to your fullest because this place is the beginning of lifelong learning.

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Our Passion

Education is the most important thing for the development of a country. SEAC was founded to develop further education and learning for Thais. We believe that Thais and Thai organizations have the capabilities to excel at the international level. To reach that goal, we believe that it is necessary to level up the knowledge of the people in Thailand to enhance their capabilities both professionally and personally in a way that cannot be found in schools or universities. We are determined to promote lifelong learning among Thais and encourage them to have fun learning new things, unlock themselves from limitations, and embrace endless pursuit to enhance their potential.

Our Organization

At SEAC, we are an organization with rapid and thorough communication, open to listening to opinions from employees at all levels and aiming to develop the organization to be a Design Organization. Not just the development of individuals or organizations through learning, but it is a design and creation of learning to be up-to-date and effective so that we are ready to adapt quickly to the ever-changing global situation. Most importantly, we allow our employees to try new things without limitations on creativity and growth in various fields according to their potential by:

Design and create an innovation and technology-focused culture.


Design and create organizational and human resources management.


Design and create a new way of learning.

"For Thai organizations to be at the forefront, their people must embrace lifelong learning. SEAC wants to be an organization that helps to bring out the potentials of Thai people because we believe that Thai people have the potentials that are no less than others in the world."

Arinya Talerngsri

Managing Director of SEAC and Founder


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We believe in maximizing the potentials by lifelong learning

Our employees will continue to learn from new tasks. Here we provide a space for everyone to explore and know more about themselves. We build people with forward thinking, outward mindset, and offer endless learning opportunities. We are open to new ideas and creativities with no hierarchy. We provide opportunities for everyone to do challenging works so they can show and shine at any time. Most importantly, apart from listening to our customers’ voices, we also seriously take into account our employees’ voices. We understand, support, and encourage our employees. Though we are result-based, we always have empathy for the employees, understand their situations, and willing to listen to their suggestions so we can adjust and improve our workplace to best serve the needs of both customers and employees and drive the organization to reach our goals.